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How Prime Operations Saves You Money

At Prime Operations, we’ve cracked the code to providing you with the lowest cost for automation with our “Operation Center” function and lease operations. With our “Operations as a Managed Service” approach, E & P operators don’t buy software, hire controllers, additional IT staff, or lease operators. We provide all as a service. . .turnkey.

All of our operations center controllers are former lease operators who are equipped with tightest procedures in the industry. Their experience and knowhow makes them far more knowledgeable about your operation than the IT personnel most companies use.

Rather than having lease operators in the field, we use our “Lease Techs,” our copyrighted title for highly experienced automation techs that have been taught Lease Operator skills. Our Lease Techs are skilled at solving almost any problems that could arise on your location. In the rare event an issue arises that our Lease Techs can’t solve, we have highly trained and trusted contractors ready to step in.

Below is a general list of areas where we can deliver improvement and save you money:

  • Field Operator headcount and workload
  • Plunger and Intermitters function and management
  • Chemical usage
  • Reduce Downtime

  • Operate Chokes
  • Reduction in vehicle and fuel use
  • Manage Water Disposal costs
  • Manage Deliverability and noms
  • Provide operational and production reporting.