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Why You Need Prime Operations

Prime Operation, LLC is all about lowering cost and improving production by migrating companies to a “Digital Field”. We accomplish these objectives through the deployment of our “Operation Center as a Managed service” method. This requires the consolidation of three disciplines; measurement, SCADA and operations center.

Measurement installs and maintains field electronics devices, radios, and towers. Our measurement team is standardized, avoiding non-standard devices or configurations.

At Prime Operations, SCADA is more than just software. It’s a tool used to enable virtual operations.

Operations Center:
Our operations centers are manned by former lease operators who know the industry. As an extension of the software and hardware, they function as virtual operators. They learn wells better and faster than normal operations, running routes virtually by employing predictive analysis and strict alarm management.

Our Virtual Operators run their routes 1,440 times per day (that’s once each minute) and have tools that let them manage:

  • Chemical tank alarms and rate reports,
  • Drastic pressure change alarms
  • Flow rate change alarms
  • Tank level changes
  • Increasing or decreasing and tank level reports,
  • Device failures,
  • Well loading,
  • Gas measurement.

All of this can be done from the operations center.